Rock your Role as a Salesforce Admin
by Jodi Hrbek

Want to be a Salesforce superhero in your company? Learn how to be indispensable in the role and make raving fans throughout your organization.

Desire to build a reputation as a trusted Salesforce advisor instead of an order taker? Get armed with tools and action steps that can be implemented immediately.

Want to over-deliver without being overworked? Learn ways to create realistic Salesforce timelines that are a win-win for you and your stakeholders.

Rock your Role as a Salesforce Admin: Create Value, Calm the Chaos, and Supercharge your Salesforce Career is a powerful resource that will position you as an in-demand specialist in this rewarding niche profession. Through fun, real-world scenarios and recommendations that are both practical and actionable, you’ll earn respect as a subject matter expert and establish rules of engagement so you can over-deliver without overwhelm.

Get started today by downloading the PDF cheatsheet with the questions you need to deliver the right Salesforce solution every time.

"A comprehensive, thoughtful book that is going to help a lot of Admins develop skills not taught on Trailhead" - Sam R.

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Talk Track Cheat Sheet

Twenty "Must Ask" Questions for Salesforce Admin Pros

Extraordinary Salesforce admins probe to understand the why behind the ask and the desired outcome before considering the best solution.

Download this PDF cheatsheet for questions you can use to uncover the business context behind any request so you can always deliver exactly what is needed.

Plus, we'll keep you in the know as we add more resources to help you rock your role!

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